September 14, 2017

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Get started with a free, two-week trial to see how DataPoints can help you identify & guide client financial behaviors. We offer hands-on training, tutorials, and guides to help you add behavioral science to your practice.

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Building Wealth

Identify & Coach Financial Behaviors

Financial Perspectives

Understand Money-Related Attitudes

Investor Profile

Assess Risk Tolerance & Guide Investing Behaviors

Create Custom Coaching Plans

Customize & Automate Behavioral Nudges

Track Behavioral Change

Generate Leads

Choose Marketing Assessments to Fit Your Brand

Embed Lead Gen Assessments in Website

Create Social Media Calls to Action


Add Additional Advisor 

Additional price per month

Number of Households

Two clients per household

Number of Leads

White-Label Branding

14-day Free Trial



US, per month

Up to 2

$65 per month




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Up to 3

$109 per month