February 25, 2017

Generate Leads & Give Back

Create An Engaging Call to Action

Tailor the client experience & generate leads

DataPoints Engage includes a library of assessments so you can tailor the visitor experience to your brand and focus. Choose one or more assessments to link to a call to action.

Embed any of our assessments into your own website, or use in social media marketing. See an example of an embedded assessment here.

Focus on Behavioral Change

Give visitors personalized feedback they can use

Demonstrate your holistic approach to financial planning. Give visitors information to improve their financial success today with DataPoints. Each assessment includes detailed feedback based on their unique responses.

Short...and Scientific

Developed by psychometricians and based on data

What makes DataPoints different? Our assessments were built based on 40+ years of data that fueled The Millionaire Next Door, and by Industrial psychologists who have developed assessments for Fortune 50 companies, governmental agencies, and the largest testing company in the world.