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Client financial success hinges on

client money mindset.

Empower clients to stay on the path to achieving financial success.

Clients seek your advice and planning when it comes to their long-term financial goals. But the real work begins when they leave your office, virtually or otherwise.

Money mindset impacts day-to-day spending, saving, and investing decisions, decisions that can make or break reaching financial goals.

Backed by The Millionaire Next Door, DataPoints help advisors identify client personality so they can help clients avoid behavioral pitfalls and achieve financial and life goals.

  • Client-Centric

    Created with the client in mind

  • Scientifically-sound

    Psychometrics guide our design

  • 40+ Years of Wealth Data

    Based on The Millionaire Next Door

  • Library of Assessments

    For all stages: prospecting to ongoing client experience

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Get A Complete Picture of

Client Financial Personality

Identify client financial personality with tools based on The Millionaire Next Door.
Identify Money Attitudes

Capture leads. Uncover attitudes towards saving, spending, and investing.

Coach & Guide Clients

Understand your client’s personality when it comes to building wealth. Use the results to guide clients in six areas.

Assess Risk Tolerance

Measure risk tolerance by understanding life experiences. Give competency-based feedback to clients.