Getting along

Being Agreeable: The Last Thing You Need When Building Wealth

Let’s Agree to Disagree Agreeableness is a personality trait that is often overlooked or misunderstood when managing our financial lives. The field of personality psychology generally recognizes five primary personality traits that are understood to form the basic foundation of individual personality (often referred to as “the Big Five” or “OCEAN model”). These include openness[…]

Altruism and Aging: Are We Getting Nicer With Age?

Article Title: Aging and Altruism: A Meta-Analysis Publication: Psychology and Aging Authors: Erika P. Sparrow, Liyana T. Swirsky, Farrah Kudus, and Julia Spaniol Older = More Altruistic? Previous research and theories related to altruism and aging have suggested that most of us become more selfless and “nicer” as we age. Altruism is generally defined as a tendency[…]

Financial Planning Clients’ Investing Confidence & Knowledge

Financial psychology is at the heart of our product development and ongoing research here at DataPoints. Part of our research program includes examining investor-related characteristics. Our analyses include areas like confidence and composure. Our latest Client FinPsych Report explored the preferences, knowledge, and confidence of over 2,600 financial planning clients between February 2018 and May 2021.[…]