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The Library of Behavioral Assessments for Financial Services

At DataPoints, we’ve created the world’s first library of behavioral assessments for professionals working directly with clients to provide financial advice, guidance, and coaching. Learn more about each of our assessments and which one (or ones) might be right for your practice. Advise Assessments Building Wealth Identify and guide client financial behaviors with the Building[…]

What is the psychology of financial planning?

What is The Psychology of Financial Planning?

On March 30th, the CFP Board announced changes to their Principal Knowledge Topics for educational programs for those seeking or with the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. This change includes a new section representing 7% of the educational component, entitled “The Psychology of Financial Planning.” For those of us at DataPoints who have been writing[…]

Behavioral Science and The Job of Financial Management

Back in 1999, I worked as a consultant to a large fiber-optic cable company that was staffing a new plant in Pennsylvania. For months, our crew of grad students and industrial psychologists administered validated tests, interviews, and work samples to thousands of potential candidates to fill manufacturing roles. In the work sample, applicants had to coil[…]